EZ CD Audio Converter 8.2.2

EZ CD Audio Converter, formerly Easy CD-DA Extractor, rips audio CDs with exact and reliable error detection and two-pass verification of audio, allows editing of metadata supporting multiple services for retrieving high-quality metadata, and burns discs. It has a very fast multi-core audio converter that allows parallel audio conversion with up to 8 parallel converters. All combined in a user friendly interface.



Free edition (NEW) : ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_free.exe 53.73MB

x64 version: ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_x64.exe 31.51MB

X86 version: ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_x86.exe 28.45MB

All platforms (x86/x64):  ez_cd_audio_converter_setup.exe  59.11MB

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any portable version

too bad nobody's fixing this anymore...

The free edition is back???? for quite some time the installer was just identical to the commercial (trial) version. Now it's smaller. Let's give it a try...

as the great nemo SND team is needed

The portable endless trial version by Fuken Gruven still working 100%.

Hey all,


I can not for the life of me get the endless trial to reset. I am using rev4 to create the portable version of x64. When I use the launcher I get expired trial. I set ResetExpiration=true in EZCDPortable.ini and still expired message and the setting is reverted back to ResetExpiration=false - go figure. Oh and to make it even stranger, if I run procmon I get the countdown as expected. What the? Has anybody seen this or know how to fix this issue?