Executor 1.0.1

Executor is a multi-purpose launcher; a more advanced and customizable freeware Windows' run replacement. It automatically completes keywords and remembers previously used ones. It indexes Start Menu, Desktop and other paths on the system. Executor allows you to launch programs, shortcuts, documents, files, folders, websites and internet resources faster. Executor also allows you to customize its layout and even supports alpha-blending effects. Executor ships with a number of skins, and you can also make your own skins.


Changes in 1.0.1:

  • Changed the way Executor open applications. This should fix that sometimes applications start up minimized blinking in the taskbar (especially if a UAC confirmation is required). This is a big change, in case you have any problems with this, the behavior can be reverted in Executors .ini file by setting "openmode=0" instead of "openmode=1".




Download Portable 32Bit

Download Portable 64Bit