HD Tune Pro 5.75

HD Tune is a HD/SSD utility which contains various functions ranging from drive performance measurements to securely erasing all data. It is also capable of performing disk health checks (including scanning for errors and a temperature display). HD Tune Pro adds the following functionality compared to the free version: low-level write performance benchmark, file benchmark, random access performance measurement and a cache test. It also sports a disk monitor, a folder view (which displays the disk usage per folder) and the ability to manipulate the AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management) settings. HD Tune supports HDs (internal or external), SDDs, USB sticks, memory cards, iPods, etc.


  • Changes in 5.75:
  • added support for JMicron NVME to USB bridge
  • fixed window size issue
  • overtemperature is shown as warning instead of failure



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Download | HD Tune Free 2.55


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