K-Lite v2.7.2

Based on KMD 2.7.2, K-Lite 2.7 adds many features to the rather limited ones of KaZaA. Some of its more favourable features are a built in IP Blocker, advanced right click menu, built in accelerator, multi-tab autosearch more, custom icons, built in toolbar, "Jump Supernode" fuction (using softjump - doesnt interfere with downloads/uploads), expanded tray menu, forced viewing of traffic and search, Custom start pages, built in GUI hacker, NO adverts, custom about box and many more. Some features this version has that others dont, are that is has tabbed searches, "single click" downloads, forced viewing of traffic/search and advanced options for "Find more sources".


  • Changes in 2.7.2 Final:
  • Fake Analysis: - Faster initialisation - Optimized speed - Added a second pass (hash based) - Search results are sortable by fake/non-fake (integrity column)
  • Added anti virus support (scans downloaded files automatically) - You need a third party anti virus scanner for this feature
  • Added size column to the multiple selection action dialog
  • Added 'Download by Hash' feature
  • Added hash view for search results
  • Fixed KHancer toolbar icon tooltips
  • New search start page
  • Updated Banned IPs Updater to 2.1.3 - Added cache - Tweaked optimization speed - Added /update command line parameter (auto update on startup) - Added /close command line parameter (auto close after update)
  • Updated MP3Shield to 2.4.3
  • nsane install: Updated magnet.exe to v1.0.0.3 (from KMD 3.0)
  • nsane install: Complete re-write of installer due to HDD crash, was prolly for the best tho.
  • What is the 'nsane install'?
  • No need to download kazaa272_en.exe
  • Includes Kazaa.exe v2.7.2
  • Includes Magnet.exe v1.0.0.3
  • ~5MB less to download



Download | 2.7.2 - nsane install

Download | 2.7.2 - Official install

Download | Kazaa272_en.exe


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  • Notes:
  • It is recommended you uninstall older versions of Kazaa (Lite) and K-Lite before installing.
  • K-Lite is not endorsed or affilated with Sharman Networks' Kazaa, in anyway.
  • Some older computers may require the runtime files located here
  • If you have problems connecting see the solutions listed here