HDAT2 7.0

HDAT2 is program for test or diagnostics of ATA/ATAPI/SATA, SSD and SCSI/USB devices. HDAT2 runs on a bootable floppy disk or CD/DVD or USB drive. The main function of HDAT2 is testing and repair (to regenerate) bad sectors for detected devices. With it, you can read/find/check items (MBR, boot, directories, etc.) of file system and check/remove (regenerate) bad sectors records, flags in FAT table. HDAT2 features detection of ATA/ATAPI/SATA devices with on-board and add-on controllers, detection of devices on AHCI and some RAID controllers, detection of USB devices via USB ASPI driver or BIOS (if supported), ability to test and repair device for bad sectors, S.M.A.R.T. functions for ATA/SATA and SCSI drives and a lot more.




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Download | CD/DVD Boot ISO Image (Lite)
Download | CD/DVD Boot ISO Image
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